How to Play

1. Introduction to U*BET Fixed Odds BettingIntroduction to U*BET Fixed Odds Betting

U*BET Fixed Odds Betting is a series of exciting fixed odds betting games. These games give you the opportunity to win by predicting the outcomes of a wide variety of sports events as well as events of a non-sporting nature.

Playing U*BET Fixed Odds Betting games is entertaining, whilst it offers you the possibility to win by using your skill and knowledge.

With U*BET Fixed Odds Betting you will know beforehand how much you will win if you make the correct predictions. Even if the odds for a particular game change, the odds you are given when you have submitted your coupon to the Point of Sale, and which were printed on the valid ticket upon payment, remain valid, unless special conditions are applied in extraordinary circumstances.

Also, since U*BET is based on Fixed Odds Betting, the winnings are guaranteed and will not change, irrespective of the number of players who have participated, the number of winners, or the amount of money won. With U*BET Fixed Odds Betting you will not share winnings with other players.

Due to the wide variety of games and playing options that U*BET offers, you can play every day of the week barring a few exceptions and collect your winnings immediately after the end of all the events included in the ticket.

U*BET offers a wide variety of events and bet types and the freedom to choose the events and the way you wish to play. In this way, you are actively involved in the game and will make your predictions adjusting the game to suit your own preferences.

2. Overview of Rules & Regulations for U*BET Games

Participation in U*BET Fixed Odds Betting games is subject to the condition that you accept fully and unconditionally the relevant provisions of the Law, the General Rules for the Operation of U*BET Fixed Odds Betting games, the Special Regulations for each game, as well as the special rules and conditions that appear on the Betting Programmes.

The Rules and Regulations for U*BET games are included in a Players’ Booklet which is available for inspection at all MALTCO Points of Sale and the Head Office of MALTCO during office hours.

MALTCO has the right to “lock” a prediction, an event or a combination of events (this means to make them unavailable for betting) for a certain time. MALTCO shall bring to public notice such “lock”.

Winnings must be collected within sixty (60) days from the date when the respective ticket was recognised by the Central System as a winning one. If the last claim day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or a Public Holiday, the claim period will be extended to the first working day thereafter.

3. U*BET Participation

To Play U*BET, you would have to visit any MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited Point of Sale and collect a copy of the current U*BET Programme as well as the corresponding coupon.

The Programme contains the events offered for betting, the terms and instructions of play, and the odds for these events. The Programme also contains information about the events, such as the date and starting time of each event, the competition the event forms part of, and similar information. The odds published in the Programme are starting odds and may change at any time. However the odds that are given when submitting the coupon to the Point of Sale and which will be printed on a valid ticket upon payment will remain valid, unless special conditions are applied in extraordinary circumstances.

You should follow the playing instructions in the Programme and make your choices. You select a number of events upon which to make predictions. The actual number of minimum and maximum selections and restrictions for each specific competition are determined in each Programme.

After having marked your selections on the coupon, you will submit it to the Point of Sale. The seller will scan the coupon via the on-line terminal. With this action the chosen parameters will be transferred instantly into the central computer system. A ticket with all the relevant

information will be printed and handed over to you when you pay the corresponding amount. Bets may also be placed verbally and will be inputted by the vendor at the Point of Sale on the terminal touch screen. MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited’s Points of Sale are connected on-line to MALTCO’s Central System, which allows bets to be placed up to the scheduled start of the first event in chronological order included in the coupon.

4. U*BET Participation & Winnings

The simple column price is €1.00. The minimum stake is €2.00. The maximum stake per ticket is €1,000.

In the Multiplier section you have the option to multiply your stake by selecting the box with the multiplier of your choice. You can select up to three (3) multipliers in a single coupon. (e.g. 2 multiplier x 5 multiplier x 10 multiplier = the basic stake will increase by 100 times).The Multiplier box/es will multiply the total stake for the coupon you have filled.

The amount of the stake (including any multipliers) affects the amount you will win if you make the correct predictions. The total amount of winnings is also affected by the odds of the events selected.

With U*BET Fixed Odds Betting you may also place bets according to the amount you wish to win.

A column will win if all predictions are correct. In other words if, for example, you play a column with 6 events, you must correctly guess all six events to win.

Since every market imposes limits to the maximum amounts of money one may bet, coupons exceeding those limits will be rejected by the central system.

Your winnings consist of the stake (including any multipliers) multiplied by the odds for the selected outcome. For columns consisting of more than one prediction, the stake will be multiplied by the odds for all the outcomes selected.

Maximum pay out per stake is €100,000, irrelevant of the level of odds. In some instances a lower maximum payout per stake will apply and this will be announced by all means possible.

With U*BET the winnings are predetermined and MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited guarantees to pay these winnings. Contrary to pool-type games, with Fixed Odds Betting games such as U*BET each player competes with the organiser, so the latter decides about the acceptance of each bet.

On the basis of this, if the amount staked exceeds a pre-determined limit, special approval needs to be granted by MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited for the Point of Sale to accept the bet.

In case of conflict between the published result/s and the result/s provided by the terminal as registered in the Licensee’s central system, the results in the central computer system shall prevail.

5. How to play U*BET

The U*BET Programme includes all betting events, match & events codes, dates & time of events, special signs, starting odds, handicaps, betting instructions, and additional information such as minimum and maximum number of selections and any possible restrictions. U*BET Programmes are published at least once a week and are valid for a specific period. The image below displays an indicative Programme sample.

The coupon used for U*BET is illustrated below and consists of the Predictions Area, allowing you to bet on up to twelve (12) events, sporting or non-sporting, on the same betting slip, the Systems Area, and the Multiplier Area. The image below displays an indicative U*BET coupon.

The basic elements of a bet are Events (i.e. football matches) and Predictions. You select the codes of events you wish to bet on from the U*BET Programme. Select your predictions and optionally you can select Systems and Multipliers.

Systems allow the creation of all possible combinations for a selected number of events within the framework of the game rules.

Multipliers are used to indicate the amount by which you would like to multiply the column price, in case you want to increase the amount to stake. The total amount staked should not exceed the limit set by the Licencee.

Using a single U*BET coupon you can bet on up to twelve (12) events, sporting or non-sporting, on the same betting slip. Should you wish to bet on more than twelve events you can verbally state an additional 18 predictions, bringing the total to 30.

A sample of the types of bets that can be marked on the U*BET coupon is presented in the following paragraphs.

5. How to play U*BET Examples

5.1.1 Final Result

6. U*BET Ticket

The ticket is the unique valid document for claiming winning prizes. The following is the information included on the ticket:
  • Logo of the game.
  • Special and control number (CRC Number).
  • Code identifying the locality and Point of Sale from where the ticket was purchased.
  • Price of ticket.
  • Codes of Events selected.
  • Team names
  • Outcome/s selected for each betting event and the odds.
  • Whether an event or events are selected as Banker Events.
  • Multiplier/s.
  • Selected Systems.

Indicative sample

It is your responsibility to ensure before leaving the Point of Sale that the selections printed on the ticket are the ones selected. Ticket cancellation may take place at the Point of Sale where the ticket was issued. The ticket will be cancelled by the same on-line terminal which issued the ticket. The time limit for cancelling a ticket is five (5) minutes from the time when the ticket was issued, provided that the cancellation takes place before the participation period elapses. You have the right to a refund of the stake.

7. Prize Payment

There are several ways you can find out if you are a winner:
  • Ask any seller appointed by MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited. Visit any POS after the last event occurred on the ticket and within the opening hours of the POS and ask the seller to perform the verification of your ticket through the terminal and the On-Line Central System.
  • Phone the Help Line Centre on telephone number +356 2388 3333
  • Visit the website at where one will find all game results.
  • The results may be transmitted on the TV screens in the POS.
  • Ticket checker
For Prize Payment, the ticket is scanned by the on-line terminal to be checked as a winning ticket. If it is a valid and unclaimed winning ticket, the payment may proceed. A payment receipt is printed and handed to you. The payment of any prize won by you shall be deemed as a full discharge by the Licensee of all its obligations towards you.